7. (65) The Inuvialuit undertake that their land title to the area adjacent to DeSalis Bay, as shown in Annex J-6, shall not impede development in that area.

As amended by P.C. 1987-26, January 15, 1987

7. (66) The Government shall determine whether any development can be provided for by way of Participation Agreements under section 10 or whether conveyance of title by the Inuvialuit is necessary.

7. (67) Land identified in subsection (65) may be occupied by the Government or its designate on a temporary basis, as required, subject to reasonable environmental terms and conditions consistent with appropriate government land use regulations existing at the time the occupation is approved.

7. (68) Where a portion of the lands Identified in subsection (65) is required to be conveyed to the Government, the Inuvialuit shall make the lands available to the Government within sixty (60) days or receiving written notice to do so, without penalty or any kind.

7. (69) Lands conveyed pursuant to subsection (68) shall be replaced with equivalent lands in the Western Arctic Region agreeable to the parties. If the parties cannot agree on appropriate equivalent lands, the matter shall be referred to the Arbitration Board pursuant to section 18 and subsection (60).