General Access to and Across Inuvialuit Lands

7. (13) Canada reserves a right of access on Inuvialuit lands to the extent of 100 feet of land in width measured from the edge of the water of the sea coast and navigable rivers and navigable lakes that can be entered from such rivers. The right is limited to the use of rivers, lakes, water bodies, sea coast and inlets for travel, recreation or emergency, and does not' permit any person using it to engage in any development activity or to harvest wildlife .

7. (14) Public access to unoccupied Inuvialuit lands for purposes of entry or crossing shall be available as follows: 

Nelson Head Canadian Landmark

7. (77) It is acknowledged that the Minister of the Environment is interested in establishing a federally owned Canadian Landmark at the southern end of Banks Island. The approximate boundaries proposed, as shown in Annex J-7, encompass an area of approximately 70 square miles and include the sea cliffs and Nelson Head and Cape Lambton, Durham Heights at 2,450 feet elevation and approximately 25 miles of sea coast. The Inuvialuit shall be granted paragraph 7(l)(b) title to this area pursuant to this Agreement.

Land Use Planning

7. (82) It is agreed that, for the purpose of coordinating land use planning for the Beaufort Sea Region, there shall be area-specific groups dealing only with the Inuvialuit Settlement Region and that native participation, including Inuvialuit participation, in each such group shall be equal to Government participation. Where a Land Use Planning Commission or similar body is established for the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories, the area-specific groups shall be a part thereof.

Administration of Existing Rights

7. (93) Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, with respect to Inuvialuit lands selected pursuant to paragraph (1)(a), any holder of valid oil and gas, coal, mineral and quarrying rights referred to in Annex P, and, with respect to Inuvialuit lands selected pursuant to paragraph (1)(b), any holder of valid quarrying rights issued before December 31, 1983, shall be entitled to enjoy such rights without alteration or interruption until their termination.

Interim Land Regime

7. (102) The Government shall, on receiving Cabinet approval to proceed to execute this Agreement, withdraw from disposition under the Territorial Lands Act, as quickly as possible: 

(a) the Inuvialuit land selections referred to in subsections 9(3) and (4), except 

(i) oil, gas and minerals included within oil, gas and mineral leases or permits referred to in Annex ,. except those surrendered to Canada between October 31, 1978 and the date of the execution of this Agreement, 

Public Right of Entry on Inuvialuit Lands to Fish

7. (22) Every person fish ing in waters located wholly within paragraph (1)(a) or paragraph (1)(b) lands shall be required first to register with the appropriate Hunters and Trappers Committee (HTC) or its designated agent.

As amended by P.C. 1987-26, January 15, 1987

7. (23) Entry across and on paragraph (1)(a) lands for the purpose of fish ing shall be granted at the sole discretion of the Inuvialuit .

As amended by P.C. 1987-26, January 15, 1987