Principles Concerning the Area of the Yukon North of the Porcupine River

1. The entire area is of special importance for wildlife production and hunting, trapping and fishing of the native peoples and as such must be given special recognition and protected status.

2. The Inuvialuit and the Old Crow people represent the predominant, if not the only. native groups in the area.

3. The Inuvialuit and Old Crow people agree that the area to the north of the Watershed between the flats and the North Slope shall be dedicated as a National Wilderness area.

4. The Inuvialuit support the claim of the Old Crow people for Fee Simple land to the Old Crow Flats.

5. The Inuvialuit support the Old Crow position that any area to the south of the Watershed Boundary to the Porcupine River that is not Old Crow Fee Simple land shall be protected through a public dedication.

6. The Inuvialuit and Old Crow people agree to negotiate, in the future, agreements for cooperative management between the Inuvialuit area in the North Slope and the Old Crow area to the south of the Watershed.