Existing Government Reservations on Inuvialuit Lands

DEPARTMENT Purpose Location
1. GNWT Airport — Transferred to Commissioner OIC PC 1979-3019 Holman Island 7(1)(a) 87F/15-1
2. DOE Arctic Seal Research Program Brown's Harbour 7(1)(b) 97F/1-2
3. DND DEW Line Site Cape Parry 7(1)(b) 97F/1-5
4. DOE Stream Gauging Station S. Shore Big River 7(1)(b) 98A/5-1
5. DOT Navigational Aid M. 993.3 Mackenzie River 7(1)(a) 107B/6-1
6. DOT Buoy Cache Site Mi. 1006 Mackenzie River 7(1)(a) 107B/11-1
7. DOT Buoy Cache Site Mi. 1025 Mackenzie River 7(1)(a) 107B/14
8. DIAND NCPC Right of Way Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk 7(1)(a) and (b) 107B/15-3
9. DIAND Inuvik Research Lab YaYa Lake 7(1)(a) and (b) 107C/3-9
10. DEMR Involuted Hill Test Site Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula 7(1)(a) 107C/8-1
11. DOE CWS Landing and Laboratory Anderson River Delta 7(1)(b) 107C/9-2
12. DOT Navigational Aid Tuktoyaktuk (7)(a) Lot 6. Group 1455 107C/9-4
13. DOT Navigational Aids Tuktoyaktuk 7(1)(a) Lots Group 1 107C/9
14. DIAND DND DEW Line Site (inactive) Malloch Hill 7(1)(a) 70°01' - 126°58'
15. DND DEW Line Site Nicholson Peninsula 7(1)(b) 107D/16-2
16. DOE Water Survey of Canada Water Gauging Station Anderson River 7(1)(b) 107A/9-1