Holman Community Site

In the Northwest Territories;

in the District of Franklin;

on Victoria Island;

All that parcel of land on Diamond Jenness Peninsula according to edition 1 of the National Topographic Series Maps of Holman Island — 87F/19 produced at a scale of 1:50,000 by the Mapping and Charting Establishment Department of National Defence, Ottawa, as said parcel may be more particularly described as follows:

Commencing at the point of intersection of latitude 70°44'49" and longitude 117°48'25";

thence on an azimuth of 87°00' a distance of 1.28 miles to a point;

thence on an azimuth of 177°00' a distance of 0.56 miles more or less to the intersection of the shoreline of Kings Bay;

thence southerly, northerly and westerly following the sinuosities of the shoreline Kings Bay and Queens Bay to its intersection with latitude 70°43'57";

thence westerly along said latitude 70°43°57" to its intersection with the shoreline of Amundsen Gulf:

thence northeasterly and northwesterly following the shoreline of Amundsen Gulf and of Jacks Bay to its intersection with longitude 117°48'25":

thence north along longitude 117°48'25" a distance of 0.34 miles, more or less to the point of commencement;

said parcel containing about 1 square mile.