Tuktoyaktuk 7(1)(a) Land

In the Northwest Territories;

in the District of Mackenzie;

in the Mackenzie Delta;

All that parcel of land according to edition 1 of the Mackenzie Delta map sheet number 107C of the National Topographic System, produced at a scale of 1:250,000 by the Army Survey Establishment. R.C.E.. at Ottawa, and which may be more particularly described as follows:

Commencing at a point on the southeasterly shoreline of Kittigazuit Bay at latitude 69°20'N and approximate longitude 133°46'W;

thence in a general northeasterly direction along the Kittigazuit Bay shoreline and the Kugmallit Bay shoreline to its intersection with latitude 69°40'N at approximate longitude 132°20'5"W;

thence easterly along latitude 69°40N to its intersection with longitude 132°17'30";

thence south along longitude to the shoreline of Eskimo Lakes at approximate latitude 69°18'40"N;

thence in a general southwesterly direction along the said shoreline of Eskimo Lakes to its intersection with latitude 69°10'N at approximate longitude 132°51'00''W;

thence westerly along latitude 69°10'N to its intersection with longitude 133°30'W;

thence north along longitude 133°30'W to its intersection with latitude 69°20'N;

thence westerly along latitude 69°20'N to the point of commencement;

together with the whole of Hendrickson Island being situated at approximate latitude 69°30'N and approximate longitude 133°35'W: and including all islands in Tuktoyaktuk Harbour and those islands situated in whole or in pan within two miles of the shorelines described.



That parcel of land lying between latitudes 69°26'N and 69°28'N and between longitudes 132°47'30'W and 132°50'W;

said parcel containing about 2.76 square miles.


That parcel comprising the Community Site of Tuktoyaktuk being described as follows:

Commencing at the intersection of latitude 69°24'13"N with the west shoreline of the peninsula on which the community of Tuktoyaktuk is situated, the said point being at approximate longitude 133°02'W;

thence in a general northerly, easterly and southerly direction following the shoreline around the peninsula on which the community of Tuktoyaktuk is situated to the intersection of the east shoreline of said peninsula with latitude 69°24'13";

thence west along said latitude 69°24'13"N to the point of commencement: said parcel containing about 3 square miles.

The remainder containing 691 square miles more or less.